trombonissimo 04-1

The quartet  TrombonissimO is composed of four “virtuosos” artists: Yves Bauer, Nicolas Castelin, Mathias Desferet and Janusz Gréliak, who for more than 25 years have worked together to bring this group welded since a quarter century to the installation of programs in quite as different concerts according to the public met and different the situation from artistic restitution; teaching concert, public concerts all, concerts for a selected public: prison medium, in company , hospital medium…, of the interventions more than controls leads the quartet on the roads everywhere in France but also abroad: The United States, Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium in particular. During all these years, the quartet forever ceased innovating through a repertory varied, interesting, coloured, giving more than 35 concerts per season, animating a workshop of training in company and more than 45000 young pupils spectators for the teaching concerts.

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