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Antonie Courtois Paris
The first manufacturer of brass winds in France was created by the Courtois family in 1789 in Paris. In 1803, Antoine Courtois, one of the founder’s sons settled the brand Antoine Courtois Paris.
Among the instruments manufactured and still perpetuated today, trombone, trumpet, family saxhorn, very quickly made the reputation of the brand.
Antoine Courtois Paris passionately cultivates elegance, combining the eye and the hand of the Master to the soul and the musician’s sensibility.
A musical instrument signed by Antoine Courtois Paris is a guarantee of quality and style.
Antoine Courtois Paris is a brand of the Buffet Group.
Gregorio Sánchez Alcalá – Day by Day
Complete Method for Tenor and Bass Trombone in which we will find all the necessary requirements to improve and develop our technical skills in our “Day by Day” practicing with the instrument. Within this Method we will find all the necessary tools to work on and improve our basic technique and we will discover them organized in a series of exercises thought up and developed to improve as much specific qualities as more general ones.
CD included.

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Stomvi – HONIBA S.A. (1984)
This company is devoted to the manufacture of brass instruments with the generic brand Stomvi.
His President, Vicente Honorato Ibáñez, with only 28 created his own company devoted to the fine jewelry manufactory. At 30 he began his new project: Brass instrument manufactory. He was inspired for many professionals that believed in his creative ideas.
He applied all his jeweler knowledge in the handcrafted manufactory of his Stomvi instruments. The similar story happened in the XVI and XVII centuries in Nuremberg, where the musical instruments workshops developed from the jewelers and craftsmen of that time.
They that know him say that he has gifted musical ear and a great sensibility to perceive and appreciate the best tunings.
In the inner part of his factory in Xirivella, Valencia, Spain, daily he receives famous music personalities and they interchange opinions that share and shape the big Stomvi project.

La Musa instrumentos
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La Musa Instrumentos
Young, dynamic and entrepreneurial researches and develops its own line of trombones.

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Jürgen Voigt
The Jürgen Voigt Master Craftsman Workshops stand for production with craftsmanship skills and modern expertise – and all the products are completely “Made in Germany”!
Instrument makers, bell section makers, valve mechanism makers, component makers and the toolmakers particularly needed for any new developments work hand in hand using traditional, innovative and individual skills – and with the necessary attention to detail.
All this is essential if a company is going to manufacture complete, top-quality brass instruments under one roof.
The firm not only produces modern and historic master crafted instruments, but also mutes for brass instruments, shawms in line with an old Saxon tradition and approx. 2,500 components for brass and woodwind instruments.
Voigt Brass – instrument making in the 10th generation

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Kühnl & Hoyer
Kühnl & Hoyer was founded in Franconian Markt Erlbach, Germany in 1948 and produces exclusively brass instruments. Today, the company is run by the third generation of the family, Dieter Kühnl. In order to ensure that the quality standards remain at the same high level, Kühnl & Hoyer places particular importance on the use of top-quality raw materials and the production of instruments by brass instrument experts exclusively in Germany. Intensive collaboration with internationally-renowned musicians, for example Branimir Slokar, Bart van Lier, Malte Burba, is also at the core of the activity, providing valuable support in the development of new instruments and the optimization of existing series. Already six times, K & H has been the winner of the German Musical Instrument Award confirming the outstanding quality of these traditional German handcrafted instruments.

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Yamaha manufactures a complete line-up of high quality trombones; from alto to bass, from student models to state-of-the-art Xeno models. Played by some of the world’s most discerning trombonists, Yamaha trombones are renowned for their unparalleled quality and consistency.

Consolat de Mar
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Consolat de Mar
Our instruments are accredited for their quality, are price competitive and offer our full guarantee.

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These fine instruments are the result of the culmination of years of experience, both as a craftsman and a performer. Manfred Schmelzer of germany has produced a line of high quality trombones that are meeting the needs of today’s discriminating musicians.
Each instrument is hand-made with the finest materials available today. The bells are completely handhammered using the fines Swedish brass which will allow the player to achive a warm, focused sound.

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Warburton Music Products is a quality manufacturer of brass instrument and saxophone mouthpieces with worldwide distribution since 1974.  All Warburton products are made in the factory in Mims, Florida and include a full line of brass mouthpieces for trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, cornet, French horn, trombone and tuba along with the new brass and woodwind accessories, P.E.T.E., THE BUZZARD, the Warburton Modular Sax Neck, the A.T.V., the A.P.E., the Horn Grip, WOODY Mutes, the new line of Warburton Trumpets and hand finished saxophone mouthpieces in hard rubber and brass. 


Conn-Selmer, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of a full line of American made band and orchestral instruments for professional, amateur and student use.  The company manufactures and distributes its products under a variety of well-known brand names including Selmer, Bach, Ludwig, Leblanc, King, Armstrong and Conn.      

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K&G Mouthpieces
Kurun & Gilbert are the designers and manufacturers of K&G Mouthpieces, a complete professional line of brass mouthpieces for trombones, baritones, euphoniums, trumpets and cornets. K&G Mouthpieces are aimed to assist musicians during performances of any genre of music. K&G Mouthpieces are engineered mouthpieces. Their design is based on years of knowledge and experience together with applied engineering principles ranging from fluid mechanics to acoustics.K&G Mouthpieces aim to offer the musician what no other mouthpiece is capable of in terms of intonation, slotting of notes, musical range, articulation, sound projection, vibration and ease of playing through its efficient design. These mouthpieces aim to give the musician an outstanding experience.

+34 607 22 22 73 (Javier Colomer) / +49 421 32 56 93 (Bremen)

Thein – with love for instruments
“Meister”- craftsmen Max and Heinrich Thein and a highly motivated team produce brass instruments, using their high knowledge and their sensitivity for handmade instruments.
In Bremen, Northern Germany. All “brass players” who are looking for a real high quality are welcome to find that with THEIN!  Here you will find  open minds and your “dream instrument”. Best materials, built with craftmanship and technology, steady in it’s worth – that is your Thein – Instrument.
Every instrument is a piece of art and signed. Max & Heinrich started building  Thein -Fine Brass Instruments  in 1973.
Some important orders from last years for THEIN instruments: Den Norske Opera, Oslo-Norway
Netherland Radio Philharmonic
Deutsches Symphonieorchester Berlin
NHK Tokyo
Orchester der Arena di Verona
Royal Covent Garden, London
Bergen Philharmonic
Guildhall Conservatory , London, England
New York Philharmonic
National Orchester Seoul, Korea

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The HAAG handcrafted instruments made in Switzerland are very popular among international and also well-known musicians. Their high quality and technical sophistication enthuse musicians all over the globe. Become one of them too and play HAAG – made in Switzerland!

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S.E. Shires Company
S.E. Shires Company was founded in 1995 for the sole purpose of building custom brass instruments of unparalleled professional quality. Now recognized as a leader in brass instrument design, innovation and manufacture, we maintain our commitment to every player who chooses Shires-to build an instrument that not only looks and sounds exactly the way you want it to, but is mechanically perfect, built to last for many years, and beautiful to look at as well. Our attention to design and parallel commitments to the highest standards of modern manufacturing and old-world craftsmanship gives our instruments a mechanical superiority and distinctive resonant sound that is appreciated by players the world over. Shires instruments, known for their rich sound, easy response and incredible projection, are tested thoroughly and built with meticulous attention for tension-free assembly. This handcrafted approach to instrument construction ensures that the sound of every S.E. Shires instrument displays incredible depth, complexity and character- giving the player an unrivaled sonic palette with which to work.

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Our Company sales cases for musical instruments for more than 25 years, we sell our products all over the world and also manufacture cases for very well known instrument makers that trust in our experience and professionalism.
We are specialized in  cases for  wind and string musical instruments taking special care on design and the protection, easy transport of the instruments.

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Michael Rath, founder of Rath trombones studied Musical Instrument Technology, at Merton Technical College, and then served an apprenticeship with the Paxman French horn company in London’s Covent Garden, where he worked until 1990, when he moved to west Yorkshire. After setting up a repair workshop, and mainly working on trombones, it was a natural progression for Rath to develop his own instruments, and work commenced on that it 1994. Since then Rath Trombones have gained an international reputation for high quality trombones, and after years of development, produce a large range of instruments that enables the player to cover the whole musical repertoire. Rath offers four Jazz trombone models, Many Large bore and Bass trombone configurations and even caters for the more specialist, making Alto and Contra bass instruments. Whatever your requirements, Rath Trombones can produce the instrument for you. Rath trombones are proud to have a long list of talented international artists using instruments produced in a small village in Yorkshire. From orchestras and opera houses, Broadway to the West End, film and television studios, to pop and commercial groups, brass bands, wind bands, jazz, big bands, funk groups, and so many other genres and ensembles, instruments made by Michael Rath are found in almost every conceivable musical situation requiring a trombone.
Please come and see us at our Exhibit!

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Willson Band Instruments 
Willson´s succesful philosophy is to deman design perfevtion in all areas of brass instruments. A Swiss company founded in 1950 by Willi Kurath sen.which manufactures brass instruments. In 1970 due to the co-ordination of production processes and ultra-modern tools there have been many pioneering innovations and patents since then, such as the famous compact bells produced stress-free in one pieceIn 1993 for the first time ever, Willson Band Instruments introduced to the public to a rotor with 100% air throughput volume, the Rotax rotor. Today, under the direction of Willi Kurath jr. the comapny´s pholosophy remains unchanged.
Schagerl Instruments are the perfect synthesis of tradition, innovation and design. The versatility of the instruments provide optimum conditions for use in all genres, by this fact, have been chosen by musicians and international soloists.
The Schagerl company is definitely one of the most recognized manufacturers worldwide. Since its foundation in 1961, they have put great emphasis on direct contact with musicians and artists, one of the standards of the brand.

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Tortajada music
We are a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing cases, bags and accessories for all types of musical instruments. Always thinking of the comfort, protection and transport of musical instruments for over 30 years. Always advising us by professional musicians, who help us refine or change sometimes our cases, bags and accessories. To make the case, as it requires the musician and musical instrument for comfortable transport and protection. For example cases trombone, designed in collaboration with Juan Manuel Real (soloist trombone of the Orchestra of Valencia and the Orchestra of Valencia-Palau de les Arts,…).

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Schilke Music Products
Schilke Music Products, founded in 1956, offers the highest quality professional line trumpets, trombones and brass instrument mouthpieces in the world.  Schilke Music Products is located in Melrose Park, IL. We employ more than 30 personnel with virtually everyone having a brass performance or musical background. Every new craftsman we employ continues to be trained by veteran craftsmen to ensure all of our traditions remain intact and applied with every new instrument produced. We encourage any musician visiting the greater Chicago area to tour our facility and see highly skilled craftsmen employ time honored traditions that have been in place for almost 60 years. You are always welcome to spend time in our showroom sampling all of the models we currently manufacture.

blechblass-instrumentenbau egger
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blechblasinstrumentenbau egger
Whether you are interested in Renaissance sackbuts, Classical trombones or mouthpieces for historical trombones at the Egger booth you will find a wide range of models not only for the specialist on historical instruments but also for the modern player, e.g. Slokar models. An Egger specialty are the instruments made from “Nuremberg” brass, an alloy used by instrument makers in the 17th century. The high quality of our products is achieved through extensive research in musical acoustics as well as the collaboration with outstanding musicians, universities and researchers. blechblasinstrumentenbau egger means Swiss skills since 75 years.

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Doug Elliott Mouthpieces 
Doug Elliott Mouthpieces is located near Washington DC, where Doug has been a freelance trombonist for 40 years in both classical and jazz idioms and a mouthpiece maker for over 30 years.  He was the solo jazz trombonist of the US Air Force “Airmen of Note” for eight years. Doug is also an internationally known expert in brass embouchures and the mechanics of brass playing. As a world-class player, teacher, and mouthpiece maker, he has a unique understanding of all playing problems, including “focal dystonia.” Doug has been very dedicated to the International Trombone Festival since it started in 1971, having missed attending only three times.
SlideBone is a premiere music specialty company located in New York City. Established by NYC Trombonist, Irvin Karan, with a passion for music and its performers,  our goal is simple, “Quality, Commitment, and Service”. We offer an unlimited resource of instruments, accessories and music.Please feel free to browse through our site and shop confidently. Our aim is for you to be totally satisfied and spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues. If there’s something you need but don’t see it, by all means contact us.  We are always here to assist and when in doubt give us a shout.

Lätzsch Custom Brass

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Lätzsch Custom Brass
Most trombone players in the world appreciate Lätzsch instruments for their broad sound spectrum, excellent intonation and first class quality construction.
The Lätzsch company, founded in 1949, is a genuine development laboratory for instruments. Under the leadership of former owner, Herbert Lätzsch, the classical German Trombone (the instrument made famous by Alschausky and now known as the Modell Kuhn), a new Bb/F bass trombone and contrabass trombone were created.
In 1979, shortly after his masters exam, Hans-Hermann Nienaber succeeded his uncle, Herbert Lätzsch.
With his enthusiastic leadership there has been an increase in new developments.
Since he took office the most important new development has been the new Lätzsch ‘full flow’ valves for the complete new trumpet series, the Bb/F bass trombones, the Latzsch-Cimbasso in F, the C bass trumpet (also available in F), the C bass trumpet (also available in Bb),  the American model bass and tenor trombone and a complete original series of mouthpieces. Lätzsch mouthpieces are renowned for their perfect balance of sound and extreme accuracy.  Special attention and care has been spent on the development of the new ‘Zoltan Kiss Edition’ mouthpiece.
All our instruments are made only from quality materials with Lätzsch ‘full flow’ valves.

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