Foto Octobone de Marie France MONTANT

Strong bonds of friendship and complicity were born among the students in the class of trombone and their teachers in those privileged years of study at the National Conservatory of Music in Lyon
After completing the curriculum, alumni were to meet again in concerts, workshops or just to spend time together.

Some opportunities for large concert group of trombones were presented in recent years: why not a proposal for a large group of trombones under the direction of their teacher?

When we presented the project to Michel Becquet, he accepted with great enthusiasm to participate in this new adventure.

The Ensemble OCTOBONE was created in September 2004.

It consists of the Quartet KIMOIZ members

Alexandre FAURE, Cédric VINATIER, Christophe SANCHEZ, Frederic BOULAN, Arnaud MANDOCHE, Marc MERLIN, Laurent FOUQUERAY, Stéphane LABEYRIE

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