euXari String Quartet

euXari is a string quartet created with the new project designed by Alberto Urretxo who together with the pianist Amaia Zipitria and txistulari Garikoitz present ̈Soinuaren Bidaia Mendizabal, an audio visual work that offers a different and personal vision of musical experiences lived throughout their career. In order to transmit these new sensations we have the artistic mark of the producer Polentzi García.

euXari is composed by professionals recognized at national and international level who work in the Basque Country and its environment. Participation in several projects and complicity and good understanding of its components allows us to offer today a way to feel the sound full of enthusiasm and attractive contrasts, as it is the fusion of two worlds seemingly opposite as the trombone and strings.

Catalin Bucataru, violin

Adolfo Rascon, violin

Adriana Grigoras, viola

Eresa Valente, cello

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