Coro de Trombones de Jaén

After many years of continuous training in music conservatories of Jaén and completion of the higher grades music of most of the Jiennenses trombonists, starts Jaen Trombone Meeting at the Conservatory of Music of Jaén. The first edition was 24, 25 June 2013 and the second edition was at the Teatro Municipal de Martos 12, 13 July 2014. In these two years has built several chamber groups such as D’Auringis Trombone Quartet, Jaén Trombone Octet and Jaén Trombone Choir. These groups are directed by two professors from Jaén as Javier Yera (Professor of Trombone at the Conservatory of Music of Jaén) and Juan Fco Aránega Rivas (Professor of Trombone at the Conservatory of Music of Salamanca). These groups participated in numerous concerts in Jaén and Málaga (Andalucía). In recent concerts have been directed by great trombonists such as Juan B. Abad and D. Pedro Peñarroja Botia Berzosa.

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