Copenhague Trombone Class

The Trombone Choir at the Royal Danish Academy of Music is in fact a very young ensemble. There has been no tradition for trombone choir before the spring 2014, where professor Jesper Juul was appointed new professor of brass. Since then we have played several concerts in the Copenhagen area, as well as we have been colaborating with the great Trombone Choir fra Austin, Texas and their leader Nathaniel Brickens. The ensemble consists of the students at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite the short history, we have managed to win the Emory Remmington Trombone Choir Competition – which made us extremely proud, and we have managed to commision a brand new trombone octet – Octos Adventures by Norwegian composer Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen. We are looking very much forward to play for the fantastic audience at the ITF in Valencia.

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